Floral Dictionary

I have an obsession with flowers and plants. For the past few years I have compiled a dictionary of floral definitions based on symbolism assigned to each flower in the Victorian era. I've done various projects with this dictionary but I have recently decided to turn this project into a weekly post featuring a flower and it's definition. 

I'm so excited to finally have the inspiration and drive to start this project and I am even more excited to get out and start photographing flowers and sharing all the amazing information I've gathered about flowers.

If you have any suggestions or would like to see a specific flower please let me know! I can try my hardest to find it and share it with you. 

Welcome to my obsession.

Peony | Shamefulness & Bashfulness

Though in other cultures the Peony symbolizes wealth, beauty and grace during the Victorian era the Peony represented shamefulness and bashfulness. This is because in Greek myths nymphs used peonies to hide their naked bodies. 

There are many different types of Peonies that each have their own individual meanings. The variety in the photo is Coral Sunset, because it is pink the flower has romantic undertones. Though it the flower were white/light pink you could use this flower to share your regret for embarrassing yourself or someone else. 

Coral Sunset Peony | Tien Austin Photography | Seattle, WA | Victorian Flower Language