Plastic Camera Reviews

I'm always on the look out for fun cheap cameras to play with and experiment with and recently I found two adorable plastic cameras for $5 each at goodwill and I couldn't resist buying them. I did a test roll with each of the cameras and I'm going to review them here!

TIME camera

So a while back, in 1985, TIME Magazine sent out 35mm cameras to their subscribers. I was super excited to find one because it's a plastic camera but it has a glass lens! The camera has a fixed lens at 50mm and has a few settings, I shot this little roll with it on the "cloudy" setting, and the lighting wasn't too bad! The only complaint I had was that most of the images came out super out of focus. But I feel like something cool could be done with this camera. I'm looking forward to experimenting with it some more! 

Yunon YN600: 

With this camera I was a little more skeptical because there weren't any reviews online and it is pretty nonexistent online as well. It really surprised me and I used it again on a shoot the next day. I might try to mess with it a bit to see if I can either make all the images that come out of it distorted or leaky? I'm not sure, but I'm really excited about this camera and I'm happy with the way that it works, especially for only $5!