St. John's, Portland Snow Week

This past week the weather blessed us with the most snow Portland has seen in many moons. It was absolutely magical the first day all the snow fell. Sledding in the streets with strangers, running through the park and meeting a majority of our neighbors (partially because we all pushed each other's cars out of the snow), I'd say it was a successful snow day. But now it has officially been a week of snow days and I'm tired of being stuck in St. John's. When does summer start?

St John's Portland, snow, portland
portland, Oregon, st. john's, movie theatre
car, portland, van, snow, st. john's
cathedral park, st. john's, portland
cathedral park, Portland, St. John's
Cathedral park in the snow, portland Oregon, St. John's

Before the crowds made it to Cathedral Park there were two ambitious snow boarders who took over the staircase.

Portland snow, pdx snow, Tien Austin photography
Portland snow, car, yellow car
Portland Wishing Well, St. John's , snow, portland snow
Portland snow, cross country skiing in the road, pdx, snow

There was so much snow on the ground it was easier for some people to cross country ski through the roads.


If any of you reading this blog live in Portland, I hope you stayed save during this snow week!