Winter Inspiration

Winter is in full force here in Portland and I have been struggling a little to stay inspired. For a majority of my life I lived in a continuous summer setting, somewhere that if the temperature dropped below 50 it was considered freezing. Now that the average temperature is actually freezing, going outside to get inspiration in winter is much more difficult! I am almost certain I'm not the only one experiencing this. I've decided to make a little list of things that have helped me stay inspired this winter, I hope some of these things help you too!

Tarot Readings are amazing. Every time I use my cards I feel a little burst of inspiration. I use the Wild Unknown deck, which is already so beautiful and inspiring in itself that every time I use them they boost my creativity. 

Going on a walk in the cold. I know this one doesn't seem appealing, especially when there is a foot of snow on the ground, but getting a little fresh air every day can work wonders! One thing that also keeps me going on my brisk winter walks is bringing my camera. I find that I will forget how cold it is and end up shooting half a roll of film. Winter really is beautiful!

Reading a good book. I'm a sucker for good books, I have a few books I can read quickly that I absolutely love and always inspire me, '1984', 'Animal Farm' and any Harry Potter book. Plus snuggling up next to some candles with a good book just always sounds amazing. 

Going to a coffee shop and chatting with random people. This might just be a Portland thing, but people in the winter are so much more chatty! Or maybe I've just become more outgoing? Either way I love going to coffee shops, getting a warm drink and making new friends. Even if we don't stay in contact, having an interesting conversation with people you might not usually talk to can boost you inspiration!

Spending time to breath. When I'm busy, which is usually in the summer, I can forget to take time to breath. Winter is the best time to step away, breath and rejuvenate. 

I hope this little list will help you step away from the winter blues and get inspired! If you have any tips on how you stay inspired throughout the winter please comment your ideas below!


Until next time.


You can find The Wild Unknown tarot deck, '1984' & 'Animal Farm' here!