PDX Graffiti

With winter here in full force, or what feels like full force, it has been hard for me to get the motivation to go out and adventure to new places (if anyone has any tips for winter activities please let me know haha). I have found myself spending these cold days dreaming about Hawaii and the beach until recently when I had a sudden burst of motivation to go shoot some of Portland's graffiti.

I love searching for bits and pieces of art people have left behind. I especially love when people include Mother Nature in their pieces, or when nature finds ways to creep into someone's art. I think that is one of the reasons I'm drawn to graffiti, the idea that people are creating art that they know won't be there forever. Impermanence is something we should all learn to embrace.


Canon AE-1 Program with Lomography color 400 film

** Also I love to credit artists and if you see anyone in here that you'd like them to be credited feel free to comment on this post or send me an e-mail!