Tarot Vintage

I'm SUPER excited to announce that I finally opened my etsy shop selling lightly worn vintage finds as well as repurposed/upcycled clothing!

It is a passion of mine to fight for our environment and to take steps to make sure I'm helping Mother Earth in as many ways I can. With the fast fashion industry filling our landfills and forcing people to work in unbelievably poor working conditions second hand clothing seems like the obvious road to take. Though I can completely understand why people avoid thrift stores, especially if they are looking for something specific and special, that's where Tarot Vintage steps in. My goal is to offer adorable second hand/upcycled clothing at an affordable price. 

If you'd like to follow my journey into the fashion world keep posted on my blog as well as my etsy shop!

Click here to check out Tarot Vintage

Big shout out to Lauren for visiting me here in Chicago and helping me out with modeling/picking clothes! You're amazing and I love you!