Time has been flying by lately so it's nice to lounge around like this monk seal in the sun. HA! I wish, there are so many things happening in my life right now that are all so exciting but that also take a lot of work and time. But this monk seal is a reminder to slow down a bit to enjoy life as it unfolds around me instead of constantly jumping to the next thing without pausing. 

I have been reading healing affirmations recently and I want to share one with you for this lovely Monday. (Also if you'd like to read some more healing affirmations head over to Carly Marie's website HERE.)


Whenever I find myself living in darkness

I know that where there are shadows there is always light. 

I focus o the light always

I look into life and find ways to balance it perfectly

I live my life with a centered heart and therefore 

I live in complete harmony not only with myself but everyone else too

I have the perfect amount of energy that I need to achieve all that I need to in my daily life

I am centered 

I am grounded

I am peacefully balanced.

- Carly Marie