Free yourself from your creative rut.

Sometimes I get in a creative rut that I desperately need to get unstuck from. Over the past few years of creating and imagining I've come up with a few ways that always help me out of a creative rut and I thought I'd share them with you.

ONE Making lists. It sounds silly but making lists has always helped me when making decisions or when coming up with new ideas. I'll start by forcing myself to write down five ideas for a photoshoot or project and by the fifth one I will suddenly be flowing with ideas and usually end up coming up with 10-15 decent ideas and one or two solid ones. This is a great practice to give your thoughts a jump start.

TWO Take a walk outside. Sometimes when you're sitting and trying to force something creative to come to life it helps to walk around, breath and get your blood flowing. Most of my inspiration is drawn from nature or things I see while taking nature walks or strolls through town. It's also so important to get moving so your body doesn't get tired and so your mind will feel refreshed.

THREE Breath. This one sounds obvious but breathing is so important. Remembering to step away from whatever you are working on and to take deep full breaths has always helped me get back into the groove. 

It is so hard to get stuck but it is also important to remember that it's part of the process, everyone goes through it. You're not alone. Embrace the moments when you have no idea what to do and think of those as blips of freedom. Where you don't have any expectations and you can create anything you please.