Earlier this evening I was feeling exhausted and utterly unsocial, the last thing I wanted to do was to go out and socialize. But Kim Krans was having a free talk and I absolutely had to go. After everything that has happened in the last week it was so great to come together with likeminded people to talk about the spirit and Self.

     One part of her talk particularly stuck out to me about the lower voice and the higher voice. The lower voice, your constant inner monologue and the higher voice, intuition. Two voices that are constantly happening within you, yet I had never given them much thought or even thought of them as two different entities. Being conscious of the tone of your lower voice and the words that your lower voice uses and really listening to your higher voice is so important. Your lower voice is your hardest critic and can really be awful sometimes while your higher voice always has the right thing to say, be it good or bad. 

     I left tonight feeling inspired and like I was part of a bigger community that shares the same drive and intuitive aspirations I do. If you haven't heard of, seen or used The Wild Unknown deck yet you must. These cards speak to me on another level and have helped me find myself on many different occasions. I will be forever grateful for my aunt that introduced me to them. 

     I hope that wherever you are and whoever you are that you're able to find some magic in your day like I did tonight.