Playlist of the Week


You know when you hear a song and it makes you want to jump around your room and dance? That's this song.

It's the perfect song for helping you get to work, a perfect song for Monday.


I've been following Manatee Commune for a while now and every song he creates is more amazingly cute and fun than the last. This song just sounds like a great Tuesday song, still upbeat but calm.


Here's an amazing song to help you get over this week's hump day.


Thursday is the day of throwbacks so here's a throwback to one of my favorite songs.


What better day to mix things up than Friday. Also the lyrics are cute.



This song makes me feel happy while laying in bed on a chilly Sunday morning, I hope it helps you feel the same way.

I'm thinking about doing a weekly playlist each week to help make myself search for new music and to help promote artists that I love!

If you have any suggestions of songs that you love please let me know!