~*~Film Tuesday~*~

I've been shooting a lot more with film lately and it's probably because I'm getting burnt out on shooting digital all the time. Film becomes my little escape from the real world. I think part about film that I absolutely love is never really knowing what you're going to get until you get your photos developed. Now I'm sure that this isn't true with people who shoot on film as a profession, but for me it's always a mystery. Also I generally forget which roll has what on it, so it's always a surprise to get a roll developed.

Today was a bit of a rough day so I decided to treat myself to developing a roll I've had rolling around by bag for a bit and I'm really happy I did.

My photos have been getting stronger on film which makes me pretty stoked. It's a medium that used to be so intimidating (maybe because when you mess up you end up literally paying for the crappy images you take) and now I am so in love with it.

So here it is, the most recent roll I've developed on a Tuesday, enjoy.



MUA: Remy Reed

Kara Kozuma