Nikole in the Studio

Not too long ago I shot Nikole Nelson in her studio and we had a blast, which is usually the way it goes when we get together. Nikole does amazing work and it's always a pleasure to shoot her, here's a little blurb from Nikole! You can check out the rest of her work on her website at

“Why is the execution of a work of art not in itself a work of art?” - Paul Valery. I believe it is. Throughout my career as an artist I have made it a priority to document the process of my creations visually. I believe it stems from the teacher in me, wanting to share the methods behind the maddess. It makes the art feel more tangible and allows the viewer to grasp how it came to be. For this reason photographers are an essential part of my work and process.


Collaboration comes in many forms. It reaches the perfect level of serendipity when creatives unite to make beauty. The cross pollination of design disciplines can help you achieve results that blow your mind. With a background in set design and styling I’ve spend many hours mixing it up with all types of photographers. One of my favs is Miss Tien Austin.


We first met on Instagram, communicating visually as artist do, and I fell in love with her energy over tacos at Cocina. To date Tien has captured four of my wild art adventures and never ceases to amaze me with her eye for composition and ability to keep up with my rapid movements! Swinging her camera over her shoulder, she kicks off her shoes, and scales scaffolding 25 feet up, to get the perfect angle. It’s quiet the site to see! I’m beyond stoked and blessed to add her to my list of RAD photographer talents and I look forward to bringing you more of our collaborative adventures.

Mahalo Nui Tien for capturing a day in the life at my Manoa studio. You rock!