Fused Hawaii

I’m a sucker for local brands and Fused is definitely a local brand I admire. A few years back my mom bought a hat with a patch made from recycled plastic bags and I instantly became obsessed. A couple years later I saw Fused in various surf shops and I was stoked that they were branching out and expanding their business. So it came as no surprise that when I saw they had an actual store I was pretty psyched. 

When walking into Fused you get a homey vibe and can sometimes hear a sewing machine running away in the back making new pieces to sell in their store, how convenient!  

Now Fused is making much more than hats but  adorable suits and clothes as well. With their brightly colored fabrics it’s hard not to fall in love with their pieces. 

On your next trip to Costco be sure to stop off at their store and grab some Fused gear for yourself!

Here are some Fused items, and one Malama Hawaii top, shot in various locations around Kona modeled by the beautiful Kaya Capella.