Refunktion Apparel

Social networking sites have really allowed artists to expand their horizon in ways that they have never been able to do before. With apps like Instagram people are allowed to create casual portfolios of their work and become noticed by people around the world, which I think is absolutely amazing. 

When I started posting my photographs and art work on Instagram I didn't realize that people were actually paying any attention to my work besides my family and friends. But when I mentioned on Instagram and Tumblr that I was going to Maui for a week and wanted to shoot new people, a lot of people I had never met responded! 

Caitlin was one of these people. She has a company called Refunktion Apparel where she buys and sells vintage clothing. Her style is absolutely amazing and I was so happy to meet her and shoot with her on my trip to Maui last month. 

Her etsy shop can be found at: