BTS Night Market Door

Creeping through instagram one day I cam across Nikole Nelson and fell in love with her jewelry so I followed her. A couple days later she contacted me saying that she really liked my photography and wanted to do a collaboration and met with her a few days after that. 

Upon meeting her she walked with me around Kakaako and showed me some of the projects she was working on. One of the projects she took me to see was a door in the Night Market Warehouse. Prior to walking into the warehouse she had said that this door was unlike any door I had ever seen before and that it was massive. I couldn't begin to imagine how big it actually was until I saw it in person. This door was gigantic to say the least and absolutely fantastic. She asked if I wanted to come in and take behind the scene photos of her finishing up the door, here are the photos from the two nights Nikole and Jeff spent finishing up the Night Market door: