Queen Street Tattoo: Daniel's First Tattoo

I've always strived to surround myself with people who are creative and driven to constantly better themselves. 

I met Daniel Vinci around four years ago when I first moved to Hawaii. Although it took a couple years, and a few minor battles, for our friendship to blossom into the relationship it is now, Daniel is someone I consider my best friend and one of my brothers. 

Around a year and a half ago he got his first American style tattoo and became good friends with the man who tattooed him, this inspired him to also become a tattoo artist. First becoming an apprentice he spent countless hours tracing over American style flashes, studying tattoo artists and being a shop boy before he was even allowed to touch the tattoo gun. Finally around a week ago he was given the green light to do his first tattoo. 

Anthony O'brien decided to allow Daniel to do his first tattoo on his thigh, giving Daniel full creative freedom in the subject matter. Feeling extremely nervous and excited, as well as fairly confident, Daniel did his first tattoo. Here are the pictures from his experience.