Retrospect Deigns

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to work with my friend Lauren and her boyfriend at their wood workshop in Kapolei. They own a company that is driven to create pieces of functional art that can be cherished and appreciated by just about everyone. On this day they helped me create a hexagon box out of mahogany, here are the pictures!

You should also take the time to check out their website:

Here's a statement from them that I absolutely love 

"Designing furniture in today’s day and age requires not only creativity, but meaning. We are currently living in a world where things have become so disposable and misleading it is hard to decipher the truth in a company’s image. Through resourcing reclaimed woods, aligning ourselves with traditional crafts and trades, and incorporating our values into our projects, we will speak to people. Our objective is to fulfill the customer’s desire to have something built that cannot simply be purchased. Handcrafted does, after all, have a deeper meaning than laminated fixtures and vinyl cut outs.

Our goal is to supply our customers and clients with timeless structures, fixtures, or furniture items characterized by our unique solid woods and hand crafted designs. From the little things such as a simple repair, new room addition, or altercation, to the complex ones, like a whole room remodel, we have you covered. It is our passion to take down the old and use it to recreate your vision, with our standard Retrospect spin. "