Tien Austin

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lotus and lime, girls, photography, hawaii, beach, dreamy, magical, mystical

Tien Austin strives to create work that allows the viewer to step out of this world & to get lost for a moment in the visual magic she constructs. Using primarily 35mm & 120mm film as her medium of choice, her work has an ethereal feel. 

Born in Boulder, CO then growing up in Hawaii, Tien has always drawn her inspiration from the environment around her. Now living in Portland, OR she is working as a freelance photographer & artist, a creative consultant for Modified Style Portland & a teacher's aide for Art4Life. 


Taking photographs will always be Tien Austin's number one passion. Being able to capture a moment that will live on is a romantic concept. Her main goal in her work is to turn your dreams into reality.









Portrait -- Getting your portrait can be intimidating but I do my best to make sure that you are comfortable and that you will be ecstatic with the end result! Portraits are my absolute favorite aspect of photography. It allows me to capture people in their raw form, to get to know people I might have never met all while creating a piece of art. 

Fine Art -- With my fine art photography I strive to create images that represent my beliefs. In my ongoing series 'Disquietude' each image represents my struggle with anxiety. These images serve as a starting point for what I hope will become a dialogue with society about the existence of mental health in order to life stigmas society has placed on people suffering with anxiety and other forms of mental health. 


Computer -- Lightroom & Photoshop

Printmaking -- Screen printing, relief & lithography



Invoice Magazine -- 2016

The Manifold -- 2013-2016

Lomography -- 2016

Free People -- 2015


Grizzy Love -- 2016

Cerulean Sunrise Hawaii -- 2015